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1000 Denier Nylon
Our most durable bag fabric comprised of 1000 Denier Nylon yarn woven to a high thread count and includes a urethane coating on the back side. Offers excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

600 Denier Polyester
A 600 Denier Polyester exterior combined with a heavy vinyl laminate on the back. This fabric has a rigid feel and looks very similar to 1000 Denier Nylon on the exterior. This fabric is sufficient for light to medium use, except where a great deal of rip stop strength or abrasion resistance is required.
420 Denier Nylon
Made of 420 Denier Nylon woven yarn and featuring a polyurethane coating on the back side. Superior rip stop strength with medium abrasion resistance. This fabric is for situations where a light weight, yet strong fabric is required.
200 Denier Bonded Nylon
Constructed of a 200 Denier Nylon that has been laminated to a 6.5 oz cotton twill to create a nice appearing fabric with a rigid feel. This fabric has minimal abrasion resistance and light tensile strength. A popular fabric throughout the banking industry, yet not nearly as durable as 1000 Denier Nylon.
70 Denier Regency Nylon
Constructed of 70 Denier Nylon yarn that has been woven and then laminated to a smooth vinyl backing to form a smooth, elegant and inexpensive fabric that has minimal tensile strength and abrasion resistance.
13 oz. Laminated Vinyl
This fabric is produced with a Polyester mesh scrim that is laminated on both sides with layers of vinyl. The polyester scrim gives the fabric good rip-stop qualities and high tensile strength. If a tear were to develop in this fabric, the tear will not continue to unravel. Other features include mildew resistance, excellent water resistance, and some abrasion resistance.
Expanded Vinyl
This fabric consists of a triple ply construction featuring a textured Vinyl exterior, a foam middle layer, and a cotton sheeting interior. Makes for a handsome, leatherette appearance, with a heavy feel to it. Light weight tensile strength and abrasion resistance.
18 oz. Vinyl Coated Nylon
Compared to 13oz Vinyl, this fabric has a tighter nylon scrim, giving it superior tensile and tear strength. Coated Vinyl offers superior abrasion resistance as well. This fabric is commonly used for truck tarps and can take abuse and extreme temperatures. It is a perfect fabric for large mail and data processing bags.
Synthetic Leather synth leather   Clear .020 Vinyl clear vinyl   Nylon Cap Mesh cap mesh
Due to the thickness of this vinyl, it has excellent abrasion resistance and terrific tensile strength. This is the ultimate in heavy duty fabrics. This fabric is most commonly used for the bottom reinforcements of our heavy duty bags. x A clear see-thru fabric that has minimal tear strength and minor abrasion esistance. Primarily used for windows and bags requiring see-thru apabilities. Properties of this fabric are far superior to the .012 Vinyl that other bag companies use for their address card windows. x This fabric is commonly used as the back half of baseball caps. It is a tightly woven nylon fabric that allows for a fairly durable, yet see through bag option. Silk screening of large letters or images is possible. Moderate to high tensile strength and moderate abrasion resistance. Several mesh colors available.


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