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7-Pin Tumbler
New 7-Pin Tumbler

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Super Locking Bags

Standard Features

  • Pop-up lock with 2 keys
  • Sewn with your choice of two durable nylon fabrics
  • Full Wrap Nylon Webbing Handles
  • Great for use in Cash Vaults, Check Transportation and Mail Rooms
  • Molded Zipper Tab Extension for easier opening and closing bag
  • Great for HIPAA compliance in transport of confidential documents

See-thru option is available at $5.00 per bag.
Add $2.00 for 7-Pin Tumbler Lock.


LB01A1COR 1000 Denier Nylon 14H x 18W x 6D $63.42 $58.66 $56.61 $55.19 $44.39
LB01A1BOND Bonded Nylon 14H x 18W x 6D $65.76 $60.83 $58.70 $57.23 $46.03
LB01B1COR 1000 Denier Nylon 18H x 24W x 8D $73.86 $68.32 $65.93 $64.28 $51.70
LB01B1BOND Bonded Nylon 18H x 24W x 8D $77.46 $71.65 $69.14 $67.41 $54.22
LB01C1COR 1000 Denier Nylon 22H x 30W x 8D $80.24 $74.22 $71.62 $69.83 $56.17
LB01C1BOND Bonded Nylon 22H x 30W x 8D $87.74 $81.16 $78.32 $76.36 $61.42
*End Column orders take up to 65 days for production
Bag bottoms are double reinforced with 38 oz.
Synthetic Leather fabric and have a durable interior
to maintain rigidity. Metal studs have been riveted to
the bag bottom for extra protection from abrasion.
See-thru option on Super Locking Bag


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