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New 7-Pin Tumbler

BagProducts is proud to announce the introduction of a new line
of 7-Pin Tumbler locks. This new line of locks will allow BagProducts
to match our locks to your existing supply of bags and allow you to
purchase your locking bags through BagProducts at a price that will
bring competition back to the Bank Bag industry. The 7-Pin Tumbler
lock is widely accepted as offering the highest level of security in the
Locking Bag industry. Currency and Locking Bags that incorporate
the 7-Pin Tumbler lock are used in banks, stores, hotels, schools and
many other organizations that place a high value on the protection
and securing of valuables and confidential documents.

The 7-Pin tumbler secures the zipper in
place to prevent opening without a key.

Our new Pull Tab Extension for the
zipper makes it easier to open bags.


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